One of the world's truly outstanding motivational speakers…he has the ability to raise any audience to heights I have never seen any other speaker achieve.

Ken Wood, Business Interventionist and People Specialist,
Banyan Support Services, Australia

I never cease to be amazed how much negative thinking, submissive body language and genuine gloom is thrown at us. Marcus Child is simply the true antidote to the world's negative "kryptonite".

Tony Hanley, Managing Director,
Titan Fire & Security

Outstanding, exhilarating, motivating, interesting and captivating. 100+ Managers & Directors left the room buzzing, motivated and focussed. A fantastic experience.

Paddy Timmons, Customer Accounts Director,
COFELY Technical & Integrated Facility Services, Ireland

So inspirational. I went home and changed my voicemail message immediately and to this day I still enter the office with "Ta Da!" Absolutely superb - thank you Marcus.

Peter Holmes BSc Hons CEng, Executive Chairman,
Anchor Magnets Ltd

Marcus' work has both an immediate and a long term real and measurable benefit, something which is very difficult for speakers to achieve. Truly world-class.

Alex Kent,
Vistage Chair, Sussex

I've just bought all of the Digital Marcus audios - a really inspiring start to the New Year.

Russell Allen, Managing Director,
Aubrey Allen Limited

A natural born communicator - at any level, Marcus simply breaks down all the barriers in no time and brings an awe inspiring, genuine effervescence of inspiration to any room. People need a shot of 'great' in the arm - what a great addiction to have!

Tony Hanley, Managing Director,
Titan Fire & Security

Marcus is incredibly positive, focused and creative, demonstrating a huge amount of passion, energy & expertise in motivating a large group of hard talking entrepreneurs! This has inspired many of them to greater things with their own teams and we look forward to having him over again - thanks Marcus!

Lisa Styles,
Corporate Accountancy Solutions Ltd, Accountants & Tax Gurus to entrepreneurs

Marcus Child changed my life. Marcus showed me the power of positive thought. He showed me that whatever you BELIEVE you can achieve! He is a delight to listen to and a really charming, kind, interesting and modest man, so full of positive energy. He has helped me achieve so much.

Geoffrey Riesel, Chairman & CEO,
One Transport Ltd

There are few people that hit the stage and get your attention - in fact you stop very still, standing to attention in your mind - 'it's Marcus'. Totally authentic and genuine joy invades your thinking so you just have to get on board and change for the better!

Simon O'Shaughnessy, Executive Coach,
The Executive Connection (TEC), New Zealand

Marcus is a one -off. I don't know what drives him, he amazes both me and my members with his energy, passion, learning and insights. If I could summon up just 10% of the zest for life that Marcus brings to his work, I would be tearing up trees as a gentle morning workout.

Chris Hughes, Brand Specialist,
Vistage Chair

Marcus helps to change people by opening their minds and making them aware of their potential. He has an inspiring, energising delivery style. Those involved in his sessions are often genuinely overwhelmed at his impact on their lives, in and out of the workplace.

Alan Williams, Director,
Servicebrand Global

He really made an impact with everyone. Guaranteed to send you home with a spring in your step.

Allan Meek, Managing Director,

The King of positive mental attitude! Captivating and thought provoking. Excellent workshop; highly recommended.

Steve Bulmer, Managing Director,
Biesse Group UK Limited

Marcus will lift you and your staff to levels of energy and enthusiasm that you won't believe possible!

James Dixey,
M & A Consultant

Marcus is quite simply the best speaker I have ever heard. He has true humility. He is a deeply kind person with the highest integrity.

I recommend him to you on every level.

Lynn Leahy,
Award Winning International Speaker and Business Coach

Marcus is at the forefront of Bourne Leisure's culture change programme. His compelling ability to hold a room, his humour and attention to detail is quite simply remarkable. Marcus has the ability to do amazing things. I look forward to attending our courses simply because I know I will get so much value out of them. This is absolutely a recommendation for Marcus and for a lot of people I know, including myself, this is also a big thank you!

Leigh Rice, Sales Manager,
Bourne Leisure

Excellent, very invigorating, full of beans, very motivating, superb with great ideas, good inspirational delivery, world class, just great, sparky and informative, excellent and relevant, fabulous, essential, engaging, fantastic speaker, very original and energetic, extremely uplifting, outstanding speaker, great session. All members present have asked me to book Marcus to speak to their senior management and customer service teams.

Edmund Johnston,
Vistage Chair, Northern Ireland

"Empowering and life changing listening."

Paul Dixey,
England Under 19 cricketer

Working with Marcus is inspirational and challenging...he doesn't just preach 'fluffy' ideas.

Giles Hawke, Customer Services Director,
Carnival UK

Marcus is a unique individual, a wonderful coach and great public speaker….he is truly world class.

Bob Battye,
Business Coach

"...so easy to follow and really pulled out the key messages."

Heather Pinder,
Arcadia Group PLC

"I will use many of your techniques…and my children will definitely benefit."

Fiona Holmes,
Marks and Spencer

"...thoroughly enjoyed the session and took from it a host of positive messages."

Sam Beckett,
HM Treasury

"Marcus is the best I have met in 28 years of business life."

John Shaw,
HR Director, Homebase

"Wonderfully clear and very enthusiastically received by all."

Nigel Keen,
John Lewis Partnership

"My guys are completely fired up …the event was a roaring success."

Martin Bates,
Pret A Manger

"He has an inspiring, energising delivery style and those involved in his sessions are often genuinely overwhelmed at his impact on their lives, in and out of the workplace."

Alan Williams,
Head of Relationship Management and Innovation, MITIE

"A privilege and pleasure to listen, absorb and reflect on your many messages this afternoon. Thank you."

Mike Paxton, Human Resources Director,
Müller Dairy

"Managers talk about you and your messages constantly. Never before has one person made such an impact in such a short space of time"

Avon Cosmetics

"I have never used what I have learnt on a course so many times and to such good effect"

Rhys Davies,

"Marcus will help to capture the hearts and minds of your employees like nobody else – he is exceptional!"

Aapo Pispa, Director, Human Resources,
Nokia Corporation

"It was magical and it left us all uplifted and a little changed one way or another."

Lucinda Wells,
Dell Inc